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Data Science to Predict Draws

Key Features

Free Channel

You can easily access to our Free Telegram Channel, where we offer 1 pick for free everyday.

Clear Strategy

How does it work? In our Strategies section, you will find clear instruccions about the strategy to follow for betting draws.

Data Science behind

1XDraw is an automated self-learning system which crunches numbers to predict draws in soccer with high accuracy.

Cheap Subscription

In a few days, sometimes in one day!, you can easily earn the money for the subscription plan, the rest of the month? just profit!.

Easy to Use

You always back the draw from the predictions provided by us. You only fit stakes depending on your risk.


Our predictions and the applied strategy have shown solid results and impressive profits, check them out!.

Deep Daily Analysis

Our system never sleeps, we are always on, processing and analysing an average of 300 matches per day.

Directly to your Phone

Our predictions directly goes to your mobile phone. We send the predictions via our two Telegram Channels or WhatsApp, you decide.

Recommended Strategies

For betting on draws you decide the strategy to follow according to the risk you can afford. Thus, we offer three different strategies classified by risk: Flat Stakes (you always bet the same money) and Increasing Stakes Pre-match (you multiply stakes by a ratio of 1.5)

Flat Stakes

Risk: Low - Profit: Low

  1. Place a bet of 1 unit. Your unit could be 10$, 20$, 50$ or 100$. Just the money you can afford in you bankroll.
  2. Check the result. Indepedently from your result, back to Step 1.

Increasing Stakes Pre-match

Risk: Very High - Profit: Very High

  1. Place a bet of 1 unit. Your unit could be 10$, 20$, 50$ or 100$. Just the money you can afford in you bankroll in case of a period of losses in a row appears.
  2. Check the result. If you won your bet, then start again and back to Step 1. If you lost your bet, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Multiply by 1.5 your previous stake, and bet on draw for the next prediction. Repeat the Step 3, until you win the bet, then back to Step 1.

Our Results

Here, we will periodically puslish our monthly results and a brief of the current year results. You must take into account that these results have been produced by applying the Increasing Stakes Pre-match strategy.

Historical Data

Because we are tansparent, we offer access to all our published picks.

We will periodically update the results so that you can check the performance of our algorithms.

Profit Evolution

Some Big September Numbers






 Profit ($20 bets)


 Avg Odds

Our Plan & Pricing



  • One Free Pick per day
  • Access to our Free Telegram Channel


19.90 / month

  • Access to all our Premium Picks
  • Receive Picks in Telegram.
  • Online Support

199.90 / year

  • All our Premium Picks during 1 year
  • Receive Picks in Telegram.
  • Only 1 payment, save 2 months.
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Frequently Asked Questions


We have two Telegram Channels. A Free Channel freely available and a Paid Channel, only available to paid members.

We will publish the information everyday in both channels, between 7 AM and 9 AM GMT time. You can check your time difference here: 24timeszones.com.

Since we have customers from different continents in the world, we can not recommend a particular bookie due to the specific restricions and laws for each country.

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Please read carefully the information that this website provides. Then, read our Frequent Answer Questions section. Finally, if you still have doubts or problems, don't doubt! and just drop us a line! .

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